Vanity Fair: (Future) Watch Report

Digital collage illustrations for Vanity Fair UK's watch report section. The section's concept was the future through the times and I was asked to showcase what the future looked like from the early 20th century up to now. AD: Scott Moore

Maxomatic_VF_FutureWatches_Opener_FINAL WEB
Maxomatic_VF_FutureWatches_SP01_FINAL WEB
Maxomatic_VF_FutureWatches_SP03_Fifties_FINAL WEB
Maxomatic_VF_FutureWatches_SP02_Met_FINAL WEB
Maxomatic_VF_FutureWatches_SP05_00s_FINAL WEB
Maxomatic_VF_FutureWatches_SP04_70s_FINAL WEB

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