Teenage Spirit: Bob Marley

Here’s another digital collage from my youth heroes series. The first one was the king of cool, Paul Simonon. Now is the turn for Bob Marley. Ok, I admit it, he’s not the coolest guy to idolise, but when I first heard him I was only 12 and I was clueless. After having my first recorded cassettes from a friend who taped me few tapes (forgettable but at the time legendary!) with U2, Genesis and The Police another friend came with Legend, by Bob Marley & The Wailers. The dreadlocks, the lyrics, the music that was like nothing I heard before (The Police maybe, but it was another world) and I loved it. I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it was the late 80s… nothing as far as I was from Kingston’s I bought all the One love thing and bought some t-shirts and a rasta hat (no dreadlocks below it). That was a milestone in my life. Then I got into punk, ska, cheesy acid house and did anything that my friends did. But Marley definitely has a place in my youth!


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