Latex for Fun
Book & exhibition

Latex for fun is a book edited by Max-o-matic (Barcelona) and published by Gestalten (Berlin) in 2007 with designer toys + diy ethics!
The project started with a simple idea: create disposable “designer toys” with pure d.i.y. ethics. We started drawing over balloons what we would like to draw over vinyl toys, but we couldn´t afford. That´s how the Latex for fun project was born… and in a few months 135 designers from over 20 countries participated; Their work reflects various styles, personalities and cultures, but all of it shows how vibrantly creative the collaboration of a spontaneously generated global design network can be.
Concept + edition + design: Max-o-matic. Special Guests: Gaston Caba (balloon on the book´s cover), Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman, PulcoMayo, Sauerkids and Gaston Caba (designed the Latex toys included with the book). Exhibition design concept: Gregori Saavedra.

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