Bola: A ball for Argentina

I have been invited by Pupila  to participate in BOLA, a project in which 32 creatives from the 32 countries qualified for the 2022 World Cup designed a football that was handcrafted by Alive and Kicking in Kenya. As this World Cup has been marred by so many cases of corruption, abuse, and injustice, I have tried to express the dual nature of football - both the joy and the horror - in my design. As I was chosen to design Argentina's ball, I used the two World Cups that the country has won as a lens through which to view the horror and magic that football can embody. The 1978 Cup, which was handed over to the captain of the national team by dictator Videla in a stadium located just meters away from an illegal detention center of the military government, is remembered as a sporting victory, but it was also marked by dark moments. On the other hand, the 1986 Cup, led by Maradona's team, is remembered as the epic of an entire country, a David versus Goliath story in which the underdogs triumphed through wit, imagination, and courage.


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