Máximo Tuja aka Max-o-matic is a Barcelona based visual artist working since 2004 on paper and digital collage for commercial, editorial and art projects. He is also founder and director of The Weird Show.


He cuts, pastes and paints  to tell stories through images to connect content, context and people in an exciting and compelling way. Also, he likes barbecues, The Pastels, trail-running and the movie Rushmore.

Maxomatic Rudo FINAL WEB

Max doesn't draw that much, but got other cool things in his toolbox. Some say it is collage, but it seems something else. I heard someone saying that it looks what Hannah Höch and Andy Warhol's secret son would have made if he ever existed. Weird? Yes. Fun? Very.


Max makes art projects that they end up being exhibited and (hopefully) bought. He also works on art commissions. Art is a complex word and a tough world, so he just keeps on doing his stuff no matter what. In the end, not doing it is not an option because he always ends up involved in new art projects.


Max is a curious guy and loves binging in crazy tutorials sessions. That's how he learnt how to work with After Effects some years ago. It took him a while to figure out how turn his illustrations into animations, but once he found it, he kept on going and making better stuff each time. Here you can check both his recent work and his evolution. Luckily, not all the crazy stuff he made is here.

Max has worked with Apple, Spotify, Netflix, WIRED, Nike, Facebook, The New York Times,  The Guardian, ESPN, Billboard, Mother Jones, Airbnb, The Wall Street Journal,  Rolling Stone, SAP, The Washington Post and Kiehl's,  among others, making his signature collage style merging different styles and media.

Maxomatic_NYT_Screenland_Bike Hunters WEB

6 facts about Max-o-matic

He lives and works in Barcelona since 2002. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He started designing and making proto-collages when making fanzines in the mid 90s in university. 


He used to skateboard when he was a teen. His ollies sucked. And dinosaurs where still out there at that time, so it was way more dangerous than today.

His first proper collage series was completed in 2002 when his computer broke and had to wait until it got repaired.

In 2007 he published a book with the prestigious Berlin based publishing house Gestalten  about designer toys made with balloons. He still doesn't know how he got to sell that idea!


The name Max-o-matic references the Rayuel-o-matic, a machine made in the 60s by Juan E. Fassio to read Hopscotch, a novel by Julio Cortazar.

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