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Since 2011 I am co-editing and curating The Weird Show, a concern on collage and beyond with Rubén B.
We make exhibitions, Blog, Magazines and Books. More info: The Weird Show


International Weird Collage Show – Barcelona
Curated by Max-o-matic & Rubén B
February 25th – March 12th,  2016
Produced by Me & the curiosity at Espronceda Centre for the arts.

International Weird Collage Show – Montreal, Canada
Curated by Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Alan Ganev
May 1st – May 30th,  2014
Espace MASSIVart, Montreal, Canada

International Weird Collage Show – Brooklyn, NY, USA
Curated by Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Charles Wilkin
April 19th – May 10th, 2014
Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn NY

International Weird Collage Show – Madrid, Spain
Curated by Max-o-matic and Rubén B
16 Noviembre – 16 diciembre 2013
Galería Mad is Mad, Madrid, Spain

International Weird Collage Show – Berlin, Germany
Curated by Max-o-matic and Rubén B
June 28th to July 7th
tête gallery, Berlin, Germany

International Weird Collage Show – Quito, Ecuador.
Curated by: Rubén B & Max-o-matic
February 13th to March 8th, 2013.
Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, Quito, Ecuador

International Weird Collage Show –San José, Costa Rica
Curated by: Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Alan Ganev
March 13th to arpil 13th, 2013.
Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, San José, Costa Rica.

International Weird Collage Show – Lima, Perú
Curated by: Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Goster
October 26th to November 10th, 2012.
Domingo Gallery, Lima, Perú.

International Weird Collage Show – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Curated by: Max-o-matic, Rubén B and Ashkan Honarvar
August 26th to September 16th, 2011.
Opperclaes Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Workshops, talks & Jam Sessions

Collage Lab @ Macba, Museu d´Art Contemporani de Barcelona.
w/ Max-o-matic.
March – July, 2016.

IWCS Barcelona Jam Session @ Espronceda Centre for the Arts
February 2016.

Jam SessionsWeird Show @ Macba, Museu d´Art Contemporani de Barcelona.
w/ Max-o-matic.
May – December, 2015.

IWCS Brooklyn Collage sessions & lectures @ Invisible Dog Gallery
w/ Charles Wilkin, Fred Free, James Gallagher & Rubén B.
April – May, 2014

IWCS Berlin Workshops & talks @ Tête Gallery, Berlin
w/ Rubén B., Dennis Busch, Julia Busch, Anthony Zinonos, Damien Tran & Isabel Reitemeyer.
June, 2013

IWCS Collage Playground @ Domingo, Lima.
w/ Domingo + Goster.
November, 2011

Books & Zines

IWCS Latin American tour, 2013
Lima (Perú), Quito (Ecuador) and San José (Costa Rica) with the collage work from:  Alan Ganev, Anthony Zinonos, Ashkan Honarvar, Cless, Grande, Goster, Isabelle Cordemans, James Gallagher, Max-o-matic, Oliver Wiegner,  Rubén B, Sylvia Stølan and Victoria Ulrikke Iles.
6 x 9 in ; 134 pgs.

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