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Max-o-matic = Máximo Tuja.

Buenos Aires, 1975. Artist and image maker. Since 2002 he lives and works in Barcelona, creating an imaginary world from torn pieces of the real one. His work has been exhibited his art in galleries in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Rome, Lima or México DF, to name just some. He has worked with brands such as Nike, Wired Magazine, Newsweek, New York Times, Electronic Arts or Universal Pictures making his signature collage work for commercial and editorial projects.

He is one of the founding members of The Weird Show, showcasing in exhibitions, internet and printed matter the most outstanding collage art worldwide.

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Commissions, nice mails and flattering words:

Snyder New York
234 Fifth Avenue, #213
New York, NY 10001
tel. 212-653-0245

Italy & Switzerland:
Svperbe – Creative Visionaires
via Ippolito Rosellini, 8 – 20124 Milano – Italia
+39 349 2849454
+39 347 9668208
Avenue de Menthon, 14 – 1005 Lausanne – Suisse
+41 78 845 56 95

Online shop

I sell my collage work and the fanzines I edit and produce on this online shop. I have only 5 products at the same time, so I change a lot the content of the shop. If you´re interested in seeing more work for sale, write me 

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Solo Shows:
Certain kinds of trash. Me & the Curiosity, Barcelona 02/2015
Raw. Fun. End. Now. C/ Imagen, Lima, Perú. 11/2011.
Wish you were here, It´s all true Gallery, Falmouth, UK. 02/2011
Aludd. Duduá, Barcelona, Spain 03/2008

Group Shows:
Int´l Weird Collage Show, Trondhjems Kunstforening, Trondheim, Norway. 08/2016
Int´l Weird Collage Show, La Atómica, Valladolid. 04/2016
Int´l Weird Collage Show, Espronceda Centre for the Arts, Barcelona. 02-03/2016
Let me be your hero. Ghaya Gallery, Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Int´l Weird Collage Show, Massivart Gallery, Montreal, Canada.
Int´l Weird Collage Show, Invisible Dog Art Space, New York, USA.
The Age of Collage, Gallery Feinkunst Krüger Hamburg, Germany
The Age of Collage, Gestalten Space, Berlin, Germany

Int´l Weird Collage Show, Tête, Berlin, Germany.
Int´l Weird Collage Show, La Piola, Madrid, Spain.
Int´l Weird Collage Show, Museo de Arte y Diseño Cont., San José, Costa Rica.
Int´l Weird Collage Show, C. de Arte Contemp.,Quito, Ecuador

Int´l Weird Collage Show, Domingo Gallery, Lima, Perú
Patchbox, Cargo, Rome, Italy
Surface Pattern, Circuit 12, Dallas, USA

Sopa de Letras, Loreak Mendian, Barcelona, Spain
Hacer un dibujando, Domicilio Conocido, DF, México
75 Peters, Space Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
Panta Rhei 10 years, Panta Rhei, Madrid, Spain
Int´l Weird Collage Show, Opperclaes Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Superheroes, D-structure, San Francisco, USA
Cutters Edge (DGV), Berlin, Germany
Re-skate, Pantocrator Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Re-skate, LaPan Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Int´l Weird Collage Show, Gloria Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Wallpaper, Barcelona Art&Design, Barcelona, Spain
Cutters Cork, West Cork Arts Centre, Ireland

Cutters 2010, Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Cutters, Cinders Gallery New York, USA
No Fin, no future, Super-Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan
Homenatge a Cobi, Dudua, Barcelona, Spain
The Wanderlust 333, Northampton, UK
Sarah, Antwerp, Belgium
Sarah, Brussels, Belgium

Todo a 100. Sevilla, Spain
Nomonotono. Madrid, Spain
Copyfans. Barcelona, Spain
100 postcards, Sunshine Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Art Trek 5, Antwerp, Belgium
YCN Live! Picnic, Madrid
Ink. Bilbao, Spain
Latex for fun, Vallery, Barcelona, Spain
La Palabra Pintada, León
Lau. Bilbao, Spain

3. Ras Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Juegos Tradicionales. San Juan, Costa Rica
Dudua se va al mar, Barcelona, Spain
AAAAAA. Subaquatica, Madrid, Spain
Letters. Southport, UK
Projections. Ontario, Canada.
En la selva. Montana Colors, Sevilla, Spain
Freaks. Saint Petesburg, Russia

Tengo-No tengo. Montana Colors, Sevilla, Spain

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